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SANFU TIAN - Time to Boost Your Immune System for the Winter Season & get rid of Seasonal Allergies!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Struggling with seasonal allergies? Do you catch winter colds every year? Do you have asthma triggered by the weather? There’s a Chinese medicine treatment for that!

In the study of Chinese medicine, we often are taught to avoid excess heating during the summer. Under the rising temperature, our bodies are especially prone to accumulated heat and dampness, causing many digestive issues — summer “stomach flu” like symptoms. 

However, this is an exception. The treatment is based on the principle “in the summer, nourish yang, in the winter nourish yin.” Warm and pungent herbs are used to disperse cold and transform phlegm, warm the lungs, boost the kidney, and secure the root of qi.

The tradition says the use of warming herbs of these special times allow, us to treat the root of the disease rather than the branch (or symptoms), thereby eliminating the disease or preventing the symptoms before the winter arrives.

Dong xia bing zhi consisting of a non-invasive treatment utilizing an external plaster, where herbs that are hot in nature are applied to specific acupuncture points during the san fu – the three summer days of the most intense heat – in order to treat diseases of a chronic and cold nature, that often occur in the winter season. This tradition of preventative medicine is most often used for diseases that are worse in the winter, such as those of the respiratory system (Frequent colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Seasonal Allergies, etc.), childhood diseases and those that tend to affect individuals with weak constitutions; as well as for chronic pain, such as arthritis (especially the type that is very painful during cold, damp weather). Also patients with Auto immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus (Lupus treatment depends on symptoms)  can also benefit from this treatment! 

After three summers of treatment during the three hottest days, the disease should be significantly better. I personally have had one year worth of treatment and seen a major improvement, barely any seasonal allergies since, I am amazed! This is not a cure but is extremely beneficial for your immunity.

This unique traditional treatment is conducted over 3 days in summer that are determined based on the Daoist Astrological calendar.

You will be able to book these treatments online and they are 45.00 per session. I recommend being able to go home afterwards to relax and drink plenty of water as it may cause a lack of energy and tiredness due to the healing nature of the treatment. The patches typically will stay on for 2-3 hours, they are easy to remove and you will take them off at home. Ideally treatments are 10 days apart but we have a bit of flexibility, especially this year since the summer came a bit late.

To book these treatments with Kelsey Bru, Registered Acupuncturist please visit www.bechiro.ca or www.thujawellness.com, if you have any questions regarding this treatment please email me kelseybru.tcm@gmail.com.

Don’t suffer from seasonal allergies again!

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