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The Positive and Negative Mental-Emotional Attributes of the Liver & Gallbladder According to TCM

In continuance with my previous blog posting I want to share more information on how Spring and its corresponding organs; the Liver (LV) and Gallbladder (GB) play a major role in your emotional health. Just as the old saying goes "out with the old, in with the new" our bodies are following the pattern of "Spring Cleaning". It is a time of cleansing and renewal, according to Chinese Medicine theory the LV and GB rule the free flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body which enables the body to detoxify itself. Thus, Springtime brings us a new found determination in our mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Let's start with the positive attributes:






During this time, it is a great time to start new goals, push our personal boundaries and seek personal development and growth.

Negative attributes:






This time is also perfect timing for letting go of bad habits; smoking, coffee, alcohol for example. Springtime is a natural boost in your step and committing to a new exercise routine can also be energizing throughout this booming time of year.

The more negativity you have in your life it will further damage your LV. Symptoms will occur such as irritability, headaches on the vertex, red eyes, bitter taste in mouth, waking up between 3-5am, insomnia, red eyes/skin/face, and in chronic cases high blood pressure. So let's take care of ourselves give our LV a little TLC this spring.

I want to encourage acupuncture treatments at this time of year especially to get out any negative feelings you may have bottled up, to hide nothing from ourselves, free repressed desires, alleviate emotional pains that need to be carefully brought to the surface and let go of. Acupuncture can help you spring clean your body from the inside out.

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